My thoughts on numbers- and then some….

So you think the lottery is random? My personal thoughts, these are just my thoughts are that numbers run in cycles. Numbers are like family they run together if you see one, you will likely see the rest dribbling on in. We like to see triples when the moon is full 3 days before and 3 days after, but heck they could come anytime for that matter, some people use statistics, some use history, some use dreams, or visions and yet some play by sight. If you are seeing something over and over its not your imagination, that no is coming be it the number or another form of the number.
Sometimes we get the numbers in different and varied ways a good example of a slap in your face is when one day i had 3 people give me their number. The no was 363 the next was 336 and the last was 633 wow if that is not a slap in your face.The next chance i got i played it in the pick 3, 5 times i just knew that no was coming.
It did fall! IN THE PICK 4! 3360 WELL ILL BE! You know what…… but i didn’t play it there. You number could fall in the p4 too! that is where a straight could have turned into a 5000 hit!. Does something look familiar? it could be your no…investigate this, i have found pennies at my door, receipts at my feet and guess what within days the number fell. HOW do you know if this is a coincidence or not ? ask just ask. Ask your angels, your spirit guides, God to show you the no at least 3 times and watch what happens! the unbelievable. Children i think are closer to the spirit world than us, because they are still new,their mind is not polluted yet, they haven’t had restrictions set in them yet, sometimes they choose to bring the no through a child.It is said we only use 10 percent of our brain, so where is the other 90 ?. Untouched that’s where it is. Is everyone psychic? some more than others. Have you ever thought of someone? and the phone rings and you know who it is? Have you had someone on your mind hard then learned that they passed? or have you had a feeling that something good was going to happen? and it did? If we were to rely more on our inner feelings, or gut or whatever you wish to call it. Things would go so much smoother. The more you use your intuition the better it gets.Some of us were born this way, some developed it. Don’t be a skeptic just have an open mind. When you have an open mind great things happen. And most and foremost please, please, please do not say I NEVER HIT, your tongue is your magic sword, you create those circumstances by always affirming it, change your thinking, change your results!.
That’s all for right now.


6 thoughts on “My thoughts on numbers- and then some….

  1. i love the comment of your tongue is your sword, speak that hit into your existence & it shall manifest. right on time.

  2. one of my peeves is to put what i need not want under my pillow & sleep on it until it manifest, of course i ask the father first.

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