Weird Mystical Numbers

Today we will be focusing on the Weird Mystical Numbers you get from  this workout…

This Pick 3 lottery system takes a little bit to get whats going on so pay close attention here.
Here is the Chart we will be working with.

Take the last draw and separate the digits. From our sample history Jan 17th, 487 hit. Assign each of the digits to the following letters.

4 = A
8 = B
7 = C

Next take the chart and add these in


Now above the A-1 box (4-1) you would put 3

In the B-1 box (8-1) you would put 7

And in the C+1 box (7+1) you would put 8

Now take all of the bottom row digits and add them together to get the D1,D2.
3+4+7+7+8 = 29

So D1 would be 2 (The first digit) and D2 would be 9 (The second digit)

Ok, from here you simply wheel the highlighted numbers from the chart.

That would be the 3, 8, 8, 2 and 9

388, 382, 389
382, 389
882, 889

Eliminate the duplicates and you have
388, 382, 389, 329, 882, 889, 829

Filter  by removing doubles and that leaves
382, 389, 329, 829

The following Draw on Jan 18th was 923 Weird Mystical? Maybe.


About Number Cruncher

Hello we are lottery advisors. We are here to help and understand the GAME.We have extensive experience in numbers, dreams, and other connection that is unexplained.We are sure you will benefit from our insight.

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